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Christofle: Silverware and utensils

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Based in France, the Christofle house has a history of two centuries of metal and silver working. At present, this exclusive firm designs and manufactures the best handmade pieces of tableware and silver cutlery.

Christofle Product Catalog

Within its luxurious product catalog, Christofle offers tableware for any time of the day:

Breakfast tableware: Silver butter plates, coffee cups, silver coffee pots, egg cups or simply-refined cutlery.

Brunch tableware: Collections where everyone can choose the most suitable cutlery. A silver coffee pot with elegant lines that, once placed on the table, becomes a highly coveted item.

Dinnerware: To honor it, you’re spoilt for choice: a Madison 6 plate and its delicate cells, elegant Albi cutlery or an Iriana jug will brighten up your meal. Do you want elegance? Choose from Christofle’s silver cutlery collections.

Tea Time Tableware: To quench your thirst, the tea fountain is perfectly appropriate, an original alternative to a tea service, unless you finally choose the classic silver teapot. On the table, the silver cream and the sugar bowl illuminate the hours when the sunlight declines.

Dinnerware: Delicately decorated Malmaison porcelain plates, elegant Albi cutlery, champagne buckets.

Christofle’s designs have traveled through artistic stages and movements such as historicism, naturalism, orientalism, art nouveau and art deco. Today, in the 21st century, the house continues to invite contemporary designers to collaborate in goldsmith design. With the arrival of the Second Empire, the Christofle House was awarded the title of “State Provider”, thus manufacturing very exclusive pieces for the Elysee and the Tuileries Palace, places from where the country was governed.

Christofle manufactures parts by hand according to traditional techniques. Each artist personally makes the necessary tool for their craft, molds it to fit their own hand, and remains its sole owner and user.

Gunni & Trentino is an official Christofle distributor.