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Edra: designer home furnishings | Gunni & Trentino

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Edra is a contemporary designer home furnishings firm. It possesses an innate gift for innovation, brilliantly combining product function and form. This has led to rapid growth in the national and international markets.

Edra has always created exclusive and timeless products. The sofas, armchairs and all the other products in the Edra collection are designed and made in such a precise way that it makes them unmistakable and unique, to be experienced with maximum pleasure. They remain an inheritance forever. Within the range of products of this firm we can find sofas, chairs, armchairs, dressers, cabinets and shelves, tables and accessories for the home.

It has established its design-oriented approach, thanks to the artistic direction of Massimo Morizzi. In this way, each Edra piece bears its own stamp that distinguishes it from its competitors.

Edra is made up of totally innovative products: sofas on which its pieces can be moved according to the space you need and configured in multiple ways; sofas that incorporate the highest technology, such as automotive.

In addition, Edra has always been committed to technological research, and in 2004 it patented Gellyfoam®, a cutting-edge material that represents the most advanced benchmark in terms of comfort. Gellyfoam® is a special foam that combines softness with support; Unlike a spring, it does not recover, but molds around it for maximum comfort.

The smart cushion is also the creation of this firm – it is a completely new concept of relaxation, it represents years of reflections, studies and technological research.

The secret is inside, hidden from view but for immediate use. The joints in special materials allow you to give it the shape you prefer: it can be pulled up or down, it can take the position that best suits the purpose at that time, simply and without effort, thanks to placing light pressure with the hand.
Whether as a backrest or as an armrest, through these hidden mechanisms that are true masterpieces of engineering, the smart cushion offers exceptional comfort and adapts to your idea of ​​comfort.

Tested by simulating continuous use over years, it is perfectly resistant to wear and tear: functionality and technology combine to achieve the best comfort.

Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of Edra.