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Saunas, Turkish baths and hammams

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Effegibi is a prestigious Italian brand specialized in the design and manufacture of saunas, Turkish baths and hammams. Born as a producer of Finnish saunas, over time Effegibi has matured the will to present its products to the general public, while maintaining rigorous care in materials and construction details.

From these premises the first collection was born, which transforms the traditional image of the sauna and proposes a “design” version, declined in lines diversified by materials and aesthetic qualities. Another important step in the company’s journey is the introduction of the Turkish bath, which contributes to making Effegibi the leading brand in the wellness sector, as it is known in the world today.

Currently, with Effegibi products, thanks to absolute customization, we create relaxation and well-being spaces for homes or for hotel & spa projects, gyms and sports clubs.

The firm is a leader in the home wellness sector and manufactures design products for the home that can be customized according to the taste and requirements of the home. Tradition and innovation are combined with safety and certified quality, to obtain all the benefits and comfort of a professional spa.

The ease of introducing the products, the Italian design and the absolute respect for the sauna and Turkish bath traditions are the main recurring elements in all the company’s projects.

We will advise you to make the best choice, with our technical knowledge, essential to make the correct selection of the type of sauna or steam bath that your project needs. All the products of this firm are incorporated into our catalog. You can consult them in detail and request more information.

Gunni & Trentino is an official Effegibi distributor.