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GUTMANN: High-end kitchen hoods

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GUTMANN is a German firm that manufactures high-end kitchen hoods. Due to the exceptional technical competence and specialization in kitchen hoods of this firm, optimal planning of extraction systems for kitchen projects is possible. Many years of experience, traditional values ​​and innovative developments increase the value of the GUTMANN brand.

GUTMANN kitchen extraction systems are unique examples – individually planned and specially tailored to customer needs. They are the result of avant-garde ideas, a consistent service orientation and a strong sense of style, and they meet the many demands of modern life. With its clearly defined shapes, high-quality materials and innovative technique, GUTMANN offers unique solutions for the kitchen habitat.

This firm offers different types of hoods for designer kitchens according to the needs of each project:

Extractor hood for island and wall kitchen:
Island and wall extraction systems of different sizes with an internal, external or circulating air motor.

Extractor hood for ceiling kitchen:
Extraction systems for ceiling installation, of different sizes, with an internal, external or recirculation motor.

Extractor hood for countertop kitchen and hob:
Extraction systems completely integrated into the hob, of different sizes, with an external, internal or circulating air motor.

Extractor hood for integrated kitchen:
Extraction systems that can be fully integrated into the furniture or ceiling so that they are not seen by the naked eye.

Gutmann also thinks about the future, they plan to continue fulfilling the high ambitions of their clientele worldwide, surprising the market with pleasant creations and futuristic design ideas with the aim of continuing to set standards in the kitchen habitat.

Most interior designers know the advantages and details of the GUTMANN extraction system.

Gunni & Trentino is an official GUTMANN distributor.