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Living Ceramics: designer ceramics for floors and walls

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Living Ceramics is a design company that manufactures ceramics in different formats for floors and walls, offering versatile ceramic solutions for the world of interior design and architecture, with the aim of giving life and inspiration to our homes and public spaces.

At Living, they work with colored mass porcelain and R9, R10 and R11 surface finishes. Its material passes rigorous quality controls and its entire stock is covered.

Living Ceramics stands out for having created an intelligent material, a product without limitations or restrictions for the most demanding architecture, capable of adapting to the most special projects. The format of these pieces, 120x270cm and 90x270cm, allows covering the space from floor to ceiling with a single piece, creating an effect of infinity in sight.

The pieces of this firm have become unique and irreplaceable by having invested in the most avant-garde production systems that exist in the market, never before present in the sector. In addition, to meet the quality requirements of the market, Living has completed the production cycle with the incorporation of the rectifying plant, in which the product is finished and fitted to be served.

Contemporary Mixtures Surfaces

Each and every one of Living’s Contemporary Mixtures Surfaces collections propose a rich mix of materials and finishes. They are conceived as a whole, so that it is easy to combine them with each other, regardless of the collection and the color choice.

They are collections that follow the current line of union of different surfaces. The experimentation with this mixture of textures is the leit motif that gives rise to a material conception of the pieces. Sophisticated finishes achieved through a game with matter and an evolved design. The result: materials that bring poetry to everyday life.

All the collections are in a wide variety of formats, responding to the architectural requirements of the moment and allowing almost infinite combinations and with new finishes and textures.

Signature Surfaces Warp

The Warp collection, framed within the new concept of signature ceramics Signature Surfaces, arises as the result of the collaboration between Living and Estudi {H} ac. The author concludes his work in pieces of the 15x15cm format, three timeless and elegant shades and four varieties of finish. The characteristic design represents a weave of textile microfilaments; as a distinctive element: its renewed texture as a result of the mixture between fabrics and sand.

The result is a set of custom-made ceramic solutions capable of satisfying the needs of the most demanding clients who seek to create their own unique compositions.

Signature Surfaces Cava

Cava is the new collection designed by the Italian studio LucidiPevere, born from a mix of formats and embedded decorations, both in various colors. Starting from a cement surface in line with the materiality of the Spanish company, we have sought the right balance between functionality and expressiveness, working with smooth irregular surfaces and reducing their porosity to turn them into an “easy to clean” product for all purposes.

Unlike most collections in the ceramics sector, Cava finds its strength in the graphic patterns of the incisions, rather than in the decoration of the surface. The collection is made up of a wide range of sizes that may or may not be etched with water jet technology. From the combination of engraved and smooth surfaces, infinite composition possibilities arise. It is not until the installation is completed with the chosen color joint that the collection takes on its full meaning: real leaks and engravings that mix and blend, giving rise to the final decoration.

Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of Living Ceramics.