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Promemoria: Designer home furnishings firm

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Promemoria is a high-level furniture and cabinet-making design firm designed by Romeo Sozzi.

Promemoria daybeds, cabinets, chairs and tables are handcrafted, limited edition, and often custom-made. Each piece undergoes a severe quality control process to certify its excellence.

Angelina kitchen

Alongside the collection of furniture and home accessories, an outdoor range has been added, while the kitchen has become a “power system” designed for large areas. It’s known as Angelina (after Romeo Sozzi’s mother), and expresses the universal idea of ​​a “dining room”; efficient, functional and evocative.

Angelina annuls the concept of “open kitchen” to turn it into a “kitchen vision”. La Cocina Angelina suppresses the idea of ​​the “kitchen” but also the restrictive idea of ​​the “dining kitchen” in which to cram furniture and cupboards, peninsulas, anonymous tall units and appliances. The kitchen expands, abandoning technical schemes, to embrace the day-to-day life of each family that chooses it. Each Angelina Kitchen is a unique piece, designed ad hoc on the customer’s experience, who chooses each customization.

Technology, Angelina’s second beating heart, is put at the service of function, and instead of looking good, it is camouflaged in the design of the kitchen, almost whispered, patinated, silent, so as not to look away from what is important: savoring and sharing the good and the beautiful in life.

Sensitivity, research, experimentation and permanent updating make Promemoria an international brand. After the Lecco showroom and the opening of another in Milan’s fashion triangle (Via Bagutta 13 / Via Montenapoleone 8), a natural “theater” for its collection of haute couture flavors, today Promemoria is present in its own exclusive locations in four of the world’s major capitals: Paris, London, Dallas, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Gunni & Trentino is an official Promemoria distributor.