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Solar Spaces By Gunni & Trentino: Bioclimatic Pavilions and Pergolas

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Solar Spaces By Gunni & Trentino is a collection of bioclimatic outdoor pergolas and pavilions manufactured only at the request of Gunni & Trentino customers.

It is an innovative product that works by means of GPS, automatically modifying its configuration in relation to the atmospheric conditions. They have presence, light, wind and rain sensors that make the slats move in order to find the best orientation.

These pergolas are available in a multitude of finishes and are designed to measure adapting to the needs of each client. Our designs are adapted to the home spaces of private clients and to contract projects such as hotels and restaurants.

Characteristics of bioclimatic pergolas Solar Spaces By Gunni & Trentino 

This new concept of pergolas has:
-Automatic slats.
-LED ambient lighting.
-Blueteooth Sound System.
-Screens, manageable through an app.
-Starry sky LED.
-USB and HDMI charging points.

Series of pavilions and bioclimatic pergolas Solar Spaces By Gunni & Trentino 

The B128 pergola is a minimalist type of patio covering, made of aluminum with a fabric that protects against sun and water, and incorporates ZIP zipper technology. The efficient tensioning in the side guides makes the fabric stay stretched and highly resistant to wind, that is, avoiding raised sides due to gusts. The flat surface and the minimum inclination of 15cm/m guarantee the rapid escape of any drop of rain towards the drain integrated in the side poles. When closed, it will have a light but robust awning that protects from the sun and repels the rain. When you pack up the fabric, this lightweight awning blends very discreetly into your patio setting. In addition, the B128 offers endless possibilities to incorporate LED lighting.

With the pergola B150 (XL) you will immerse yourself in the world of the “outdoor” experience. The B150 (XL) is our base model and is quite functional when it comes to extras. Thus, the B150 (XL) can even be supplied in a manual version that does not incorporate any lighting or other electrical option.

Instead, the motorized B150 (XL) offers you several options such as LED lighting, modular screens, heating and a rain / snow sensor. This version can be fully operated remotely with the Somfy remote control or via your smartphone.

The B200 family can be installed in the most varied of combinations; as a removable, freestanding, coupled, star or L-shaped roof, it is undoubtedly the most versatile deck covering currently on the market. The ideal way to expand your living space!

The B200 pergola with 16cm wide adjustable slats and the B200 XL with 21cm wide slats are Brustor’s most complete deck covers. The repertoire of the B200 (XL) family encompasses practically any option, application and construction possibility. Its versatility makes this cover a featured best seller in the Brustor range. Design your own oasis of relaxation to recover from the effects of everyday hustle and bustle. Inspiration has no limits with the B200.

The B250XL, equipped with 21cm wide slats, is the new splash-proof version based on the B200XL. Thanks to the perfect closure of the slats in the gutters, the roof offers ideal protection against splashes and prevents a flow of cold air between the slats and the gutters. The B250XL with optional ZIP screens and electric heating ensures a pleasant environment all year round.

The B300 pergola is a modern aluminum outdoor living space with a waterproof folding roof. The roof can be opened in any position. When fully open, the poor sunlight in the intermediate seasons will once again illuminate your patio. With the roof fully closed, you will enjoy optimal shading and protection from showers. The ingenious roof construction, with 4 built-in gutters, drains water down the sides and can be attached to the facade without extra slope.

The B600 Outdoor Living pergola is the innovative continuation of the experienced technology of the B200 family. Its elegant S-shaped slats are not only adjustable, but can also be opened in any position. When fully open, the roof area is only 13% of the original area. Ideal for optimal luminosity in the intermediate seasons.

The B600S screen contains all the well-known advantages of the B600, complemented by some surprising innovations. An important innovation is the possibility of choosing screens that are perfectly integrated into the beam. The louvre ceiling, LED lighting and displays can be operated via a transmitter or via the Brustor C app.