Aladina School of Cooking: A 100% Charitable Initiative by Gunni & Trentino

In November 2023, the Aladina School of Cooking by Gunni & Trentino was officially presented, located in our Flagship Store in Madrid (Calle Paseo de la Habana 3). This school has a 100% charitable purpose.

We present the 100% charitable Aladina School of Cooking by Gunni & Trentino.

Gunni & Trentino has been eager to participate in this project alongside the Aladina Foundation from the very beginning, providing them with the space located on the -2 floor of our building, where we have an operational kitchen. It was formerly a cooking school and is now used as a space for events, activities, team buildings, show cookings, etc.

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Cooking School

Our company aims to give back to society a portion of its work, and in this case, we strongly share the values of the Aladina Foundation and are deeply committed to supporting children in their fight against cancer. Helping others is something we do in our company, and it brings out the best in each and every one of us, helping us grow as individuals.

At the Aladina Cooking School by Gunni & Trentino, masterclasses will be taught to master specific cooking techniques, explore the secrets of local cuisines, or discover new products to incorporate into our diets. It will also provide access to the secrets of the most famous restaurants, the mystery of the world’s best croquette, the most exquisite pizza, the fluffiest bread, or the best Spanish cheese and wine pairings.

These courses will feature prominent chefs from the national gastronomic scene, bakers, pastry chefs, or sommeliers such as Miguel Carretero from Santerra (Repsol Sol), Carlos Urrutikoetxea from El Señor Martín (Repsol Sol), Edwin Rodríguez from Quimbaya (Michelin Star and Repsol Sol), Borja Veguillas from Pestana, Mario Payán from Kappo, Mario Sánchez from Comparte, Paola Freire, and many more.

We look forward to welcoming everyone!

From the page of the Aladina Cooking School by Gunni & Trentino, you can check the class schedule, profiles of expert chefs and instructors, and purchase classes.

For more information about the courses, please visit this link:

All proceeds will go to the first research project funded by the Aladina Foundation, EpciKids, an international study on the impact of the Mediterranean diet on the side effects of cancer treatments and mortality in childhood cancer.

We encourage you to participate and enroll in these courses. It’s truly amazing to see everything this foundation is doing for these children and to see the smiles that light up their faces. Take a look at the photos in our post, and you’ll feel what we mean about the smiles… They are a true inspiration.

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