Gunni & Trentino, designing a greener future.

 At Gunni & Trentino, we embrace a profound commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation.

Our philosophy translates into ecological actions that permeate every aspect of our company, ensuring that our operations respect and preserve environmental values. Below, we’ll explore our commitments to the planet and its inhabitants.

Environmental commitments

ESG, Gunni & Trentino

A current and sustainable

We are dedicated to distributing quality products without sacrificing style and design. Our promise is to continually expand our catalogue of eco-responsible products, merging elegance and sustainability in every home.

ESG, Gunni & Trentino

Circular, social
and solidarity lifecycle

We promote the durability of our products through the offering of "Outlet" products, thereby reducing environmental impact. This project not only extends the lifespan of items but also supports the social and solidarity economy. So far, we have sold over 530 Outlet products, making a positive impact.

ESG, Gunni & Trentino

Internal ecological
footprint reduction

Day by day, we work on transforming our internal processes to reduce our environmental footprint. From logistics and warehouses to energy consumption and waste management in our showrooms, each department contributes to making the world a cleaner and fairer place.

ESG, Gunni & Trentino

5 points we have implemented in recent years

Discover the innovations that have transformed our trajectory and strengthened our vision for the future, creating an environment committed to the planet and its people.

Sustainable commitment

Our Sustainable Commitment extends beyond products; it encompasses materials, personnel, suppliers, infrastructure, and more. A continuously evolving project, driven by our desire to improve daily.

We contribute to the well-being of the planet and forge a better future, aware of our responsibility in the furniture industry.

In summary, our commitment goes beyond words; it translates into concrete actions and specific goals. At Gunni & Trentino, we not only believe in doing things right, but in doing them better, because sustainability is not just a choice, it’s our responsibility.

and social commitment

In a moment of historic progress, we have taken great strides towards a diverse and inclusive society.

However, significant gaps of inequality persist, urging us to question our perspective and continue moving towards a fairer and more egalitarian societal model.

We believe that through our activity, we can contribute significantly to achieving a greater impact.

ESG, Gunni & Trentino

Supported social projects

Our commitment to social projects is closely linked to the needs of the communities in which we operate. We highlight our support for:

ESG, Gunni & Trentino

Aladina Foundation

With the Aladina Foundation, we actively collaborate with their “Solidarity Cooking School” initiative.

All funds generated in this school are directly allocated to the cause, thus helping thousands of children and teenagers with cancer and their families.

At Gunni & Trentino, we consider their work commendable and vital in building a more hopeful future


ESG, Gunni & Trentino

Prodis Foundation

We collaborate closely with the Prodis Foundation for the social inclusion of workers with intellectual disabilities.

At Gunni & Trentino, we open our doors to actively integrate people with disabilities into our workforce. We firmly believe in the importance of promoting an inclusive and diverse culture, eliminating generational, cultural, and gender barriers.

ESG, Gunni & Trentino

Esment Mallorca Foundation

Our support for the Esment Mallorca Foundation translates into a solid commitment to improve the quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Recognized for their outstanding work, we support their initiatives with the conviction that every step taken towards inclusion contributes to collective well-being.

ESG, Gunni & Trentino

Aura Barcelona Foundation

The Aura Barcelona Foundation receives our constant support to promote research and education in the field of mental health. We actively collaborate on activities such as education and training within a work environment.

We believe that mental health is a fundamental aspect of overall well-being and are committed to contributing to its advancement.

Lines of action

In our lines of action, we focus on specific actions that reflect our social commitment. From promoting employment and inclusion to fostering education and diversity, each step contributes to building a more just and inclusive society.

ESG, Gunni & Trentino

Support Actions for Professional Collectives and Youth

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We believe that by providing meaningful job opportunities, we not only empower our employees but also contribute to the sustainable growth of society.

We are committed to creating an environment that inspires individual and collective progress, thus building a more inclusive and equitable future.

Therefore, we promote personal and professional development, increase employability, and support young talent.

ESG, Gunni & Trentino

Labour reintegration
and social action

In our constant pursuit of equity, we dedicate ourselves to increasing the integration of people with disabilities.

We foster a diverse and inclusive culture, breaking down generational, cultural, and gender barriers.

We firmly believe that people are the heart of our organization, and by cultivating an environment where each individual is valued, we strengthen the very essence of diversity.

ESG, Gunni & Trentino

Training and development

Our commitment to social responsibility is reflected in the active promotion of continuous training and professional development for our employees.

In addition to fostering individual growth, we channel efforts towards research, thus contributing to the refinement of the labor and business world.

Beyond financial contribution, we strive to ensure a direct and positive impact on the lives of those we seek to help.

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