Designer kitchen countertops

We dare to say that the choice of a kitchen counter is the most important part of an interior design project for this space. Countertop material never goes unnoticed.

The kitchen countertop, whether modern, classic, or designer, is one of the most crucial aspects of an interior design project.

Our recommendation is that you always choose the worktop from the hand of an expert in the field since the use you are going to give the kitchen will determine the type of worktop that best suits your needs. The quality and finish of a kitchen countertop are also important in its durability.

In our range, we have a wide range of finishes and countertop colors that we can adapt in size and thickness to your kitchen. We have countertops made of environmentally-friendly materials, requiring minimal maintenance, and resistant to high temperatures with unique and original designs.

At Gunni & Trentino, we have an exclusive range of materials with which we can make your kitchen countertop design: natural stone, porcelain, Dekton, Silestone, wood, granite, marble, glass, metal, among others. Come in to our showroom and we will advise you.

Within interior design, the world of materials is large, the range of possibilities in terms of colors and finishes is unlimited. At Gunni & Trentino, we have the human, material and suitable personnel resources so that the choice of your kitchen worktop is easy, successful and maintains a balance with the rest of the components of the space in which it will be integrated.

For the selection of this type of product, we recommend you visit our showrooms in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao or Marbella since the textures and qualities can be fully appreciated in person.

  • Natural stone countertops
  • Ceramic countertops
  • Natural stone countertops
  • Ceramic countertops
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