Designer kitchen furniture

Experts in modern and classic designer kitchen furniture for luxury kitchens. Our own brand kitchen furniture, GUNNI&TRENTINO, is a benchmark in the market for its quality, functionality, durability, and beauty.

Our luxury kitchen furniture includes both modern and classic styles.

GUNNI&TRENTINO specialises in kitchen furniture and designer kitchens. We are official distributors of leading kitchen furniture brands such as Fendi Casa Cucine and La Cornue.

Luxury modern and classic kitchen furniture.

With over 40 years of experience leading the market, we are the right choice for creating kitchens of the highest quality and style. Our teams of experts will advise you on designing your ideal kitchen.

To achieve this, we have the best catalogue in the market, offering a wide range of kitchen furniture, accessories, materials, and finishes. Keeping up with all trends and working with collections that incorporate new materials and textures every year, our sales representatives can create a perfect kitchen tailored to your lifestyle and budget. Visit our stores to see our kitchen furniture and enjoy choosing from the many possibilities we present to you.

Quality kitchen furniture

Quality kitchen furniture

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