Gunni & Trentino kitchens

Positioned as the right choice for creating unique luxury kitchens. Our kitchen furniture, branded “Gunni & Trentino,” is a benchmark in the market for its quality, functionality, durability, and beauty.

Our working method allows us to combine different models and finishes of kitchen furniture, achieving a personalized and unique design kitchen tailored to fit perfectly with your tastes and needs, and adapted, if desired, to the latest technological innovations. The team of experts at Gunni & Trentino will advise you at all times on the choice of modern or classic kitchen furniture and can carry out a complete decoration project that includes not only kitchen furniture and appliances but also flooring, wall coverings, lighting, and home furniture to create a comprehensive environment adapted to your lifestyle. We will help you design the kitchen best suited to the available space, whether it’s a renovation or a new home. You can choose between kitchens designed with or without islands, in different types of furniture distribution, but always with the utmost comfort for the work, water, and cooking areas. Throughout the entire process, an experienced sales representative will be at your disposal, coordinating everything necessary: design, orders for custom kitchen materials and furniture, appliances, flooring, walls, lighting, delivery, and assembly.

50 years of experience leading the market.

We are a brand with 50 years of experience designing and crafting kitchens with passion and dedication. Throughout all these years, we have accumulated experience and knowledge, and our passion for doing great work has only continued to grow.

All of this has translated into product improvements every year, new designs, the inclusion of new finishes, studying what our customers truly need, analyzing trends, and working on original proposals from our brand.

We have developed our product always considering how our customers want to live and experience their kitchens. We’ve taken into account how customs, habits, and lifestyles have been changing, and the kitchen has become a multifunctional space where we both work and gather with friends. To achieve this, we have been constantly attentive to the market in its broadest sense and its most international aspect.

We have come a long way as experts in luxury kitchens, as designers and producers of modern and classic kitchen furniture, offering all types of kitchens, styles, and solutions for this increasingly crucial space in defining interior design. But what is most interesting to us is what we still have to contribute to the market, to our customers, to their projects. How to improve our service and products day by day. How to better understand what our individual and professional clients expect from us when together we design a kitchen intended to last for many years.

From this commitment also arises the confidence that we have built over our journey. The trust that inspires our brand and the value it has attained, becoming a hallmark of prestige, quality, and reliability. A “Gunni & Trentino kitchen” is synonymous with elegance, the highest quality, and the best design. We hope that our catalogue of modern and classic kitchen furniture will excite you and encourage you to turn the kitchen of your dreams into a reality. In addition to the models presented on our website, we offer many other finishes and the possibility to mix different series to achieve a completely unique effect.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information or simply to schedule an appointment at our kitchen showrooms to see our products. We will be delighted to assist you.

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