La Cornue kitchens

A prestigious brand of classic luxury kitchens, legendary and exclusive. La Cornue cookers have a unique range of colors and finishes and a durability that allows them to pass from generation to generation. Every Château kitchen, each Cornuchef and CornuFé, are assembled down to the smallest detail. La Cornue uses only the finest materials: cast iron, steel, solid brass, copper, nickel and enamel. The “Château” line, which currently has eight models, represents luxury materials and the best the expertise of La Cornue, with its exclusive vaulted ovens, professional solid brass plate burners “Coup de feu” offering culinary benefits without limits.

The Cornuchef line is more contemporary and affordable. It adapts to the demands of modern urban life. It incorporates the best of La Cornue: legendary vaulted oven and the indispensable plate “coup de feu”. All kitchens are made to order, one piece at a time. They can be customized thanks to a palette of 25 colors of enamel and two metallic finishes (chrome and shiny stainless steel or satin brass).

The latest innovation comes from the ultra modern design of Jean Michel Willmotte for the new “W” La Cornue collection. An amazing design exercise for a sleek, modern, irresistible contemporary kitchen.

Gunni & Trentino is an official dealer of La Cornue.

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