S l i m kitchens

“A kitchen resulting from creativity and practicality”

In 2014 s l i m by Gunni & Trentino was born, with the aim of offering our professional clients, based on our experience and remaining faithful to our aesthetic line, a kitchen furniture product adapted to the market and intended primarily for residential developments.

S l i m kitchen is manufactured with the necessary elements to be able to design a kitchen with simple and elegant lines that combine functionality and aesthetics, resulting in a contemporary design kitchen with a low cost.

Services for slim kitchens

Study of the project

From our design department, we analyze the client’s needs, offering advice on materials, colours, design, and budget.


We cater to each end customer in a personalized manner, providing them with the option to make their kitchen a unique and distinct project within the options offered by the slim range.

Measurement and installations

We provide technical personnel responsible for coordinating, executing, and overseeing the project, who will take the necessary measurements on-site and mark the installations.

Assembly and transportation

“We have a large assembly and transportation team, specialized in kitchens, knowledgeable about the product in detail, who will always arrive at your home properly uniformed and equipped.”

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