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We are official distributors of over 600 elite design brands. In this section we display a selection of those leading brands. Design lovers and experts enjoy the diversity of choice we can offer. Professional clients value the possibility to include iconic brands in their projects, as well as the flexibility and adaptability that our comprehensive catalog can offer. For further information on any other brands, do not hesitate to contact us.


Among the firms we distribute, you can find brands for all styles; classic, modern, timeless, Nordic, etc. Our extensive range of products is part of our added value. In addition, Gunni & Trentino sales representatives are able to explain the offering of each brand that we distribute in your project.

Clients – either amateurs or experts in design and decoration – enjoy the comfort and freedom of choice that we offer them. The professional client values being able to rely on these firms for their project, as well as the flexibility and adaptability that such a wide and complete catalog provides. For more information about other brands, do not hesitate to contact us.

Discover the Art of Elegance with Gunni & Trentino

Explore a world of luxury and style with Gunni & Trentino, your trusted partners in design, decoration, and interior design. As official distributors, we offer an exceptional catalog featuring over 600 elite brands, ranging from luxury furniture to cutting-edge kitchens, dreamy bathrooms, innovative office furniture, customized wardrobes, and much more.

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