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Acerbis International has been the protagonist of Italian Design for decades. A long history of research and innovation, constant reinterpretation of the contemporary. A projective and productive approach made of formal and technical research, experimentation on materials, precision in details, conscious use of matter and color, application and integration of technologies, technically and qualitatively advanced finishes, structural and functional clarity.

Through the ages and surpassing fashions, Acerbis has brought timeless projects and products to life, always at the forefront. Matter is the main protagonist of the collection, coordinated by Massimo Castagna, which introduces new combinations and new meanings. Stone, cement, glass, metals, lacquers, wood: natural finishes and special treatments, glossy and matte, transparencies and opacities, perfect and material, related and associated opposites to form a single distinctive language.

Acerbis, Gunni & Trentino

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