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A lifetime of sustainable craftsmanship

Admonter’s origin dates back decades. To be exact, centuries ago. Because wood has been processed in the Admont forest-rich setting ever since. Since 1874, industrially. And since 1972 also by the Stift Admont Holzindustrie (Admont Abbey Lumber Industry), abbreviated STIA. In October 2017 the company name and legal form were changed to Admonter Holzindustrie AG.

Admonter is an economic exploitation of the local Benedictine abbey. The company manufactures natural wood floors, boards, stairs, wall and ceiling coverings, acoustic panels and interior doors – all made of high-quality, authentic wood. The products of this natural wood firm have been made with a special name: Admonter. This name is an indication of origin and commitment at the same time. Guarantees exclusive on-site manufacturing. This ensures the high quality of the products and the well-being of a region. Artisanal knowledge that has grown over generations is kept alive, in this way, and continues to be exploited. Benedictine long-term thinking works twice. Economically and ecologically. The wood that Admonter processes comes only from sustainably cultivated forests.

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