Andreu World: Sustainable natural wood designer furniture

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  • Andreu World Collections

What defines Andreu World

At the core of the Andreu World brand is wood and carpentry. Each design from this company offers great comfort, excellent finishing, and effective functionality.

Andreu World relies on resources to carry out the entire work process, from sourcing raw materials to finishing.

The wood used in each piece comes from forests cultivated by the company according to quality protocols that include planting, harvesting, drying (the wood is dried for over a year after harvesting to prevent future cracking), and all handling phases.

Such a process has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) and ensures that the wood comes from reforested and controlled forests.

This Mediterranean company is connected with the sea and nature. Hence, they have an outdoor line that includes different collections of seating, tables, and sofas specially designed for outdoor use in residential or contract applications. These pieces are built with new materials and treatments that are weather-resistant and require minimal maintenance

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