Arketipo: Handcrafted designer furniture

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  • Arketipo Collections

Arketipo, handcrafted designer furniture

Arketipo is a prestigious Italian furniture brand influenced by Florentine tradition. This characteristic is reflected in its designs, enhanced by the high value and quality of its Florentine textiles, creating unique combinations full of details.

Italian tradition-inspired designer furniture

Its artisanal manufacturing is another of its great virtues, always characterized by its high level of customization in each of its pieces. The purity of its forms and materials makes its style unique and refined.

The beauty of its furniture stems from the hands of great designers such as Adriano Piazzesi, Bartoli Design, Carlo Bimbi, Cristophe Pillet, Francesco Rota, Gino Carollo, Giuseppe Vigano’, Gordon Guillaumier, Leonardo Dainelli, Lievore Altherr Molina, Manzoni e Tapinassi, Massimo Lorusso, Mauro Lipparini, and Nendo.

Furniture with a high level of customization

Its great personality and creativity, combined with its artisanal character, make Arketipo internationally renowned, increasingly sought after to furnish all types of spaces, offering a wide variety of furniture pieces, accessories, and lamps.

GUNNI&TRENTINO is the official distributor of Arketipo.

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