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  • ASCOT CERAMICHE Collections
  • ASCOT CERAMICHE Collections

Agapecasa continues to create sensations

Agape has expanded its scope and broadened its horizons of poetic awareness to encompass the entire home environment, offering its loyal and cultured customers a new brand, AgapeCasa, with a new range of products for every room in the house.

In a time of great global complexity and a sense of insecurity, Agape’s innate optimism turns all these question marks into certainties, with unwavering faith in its own DNA (whose distinctive codes are sobriety, elegance, experimentation, and quality)

The new Mangiarotti collection

Now proudly presenting the “Mangiarotti Collection,” a selection of projects by this great architect who has been a cherished friend and object designer, whose creations are now timeless classics of Italian design. Some of his life concepts are now exclusively incorporated into AgapeCasa, a brand that, for this reason and thanks also to the work of other designers gradually involved in the project, will soon become a fundamental reference point for modern furniture.

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