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Baker is America’s most prestigious furniture and upholstery brand. The company was founded over a hundred years ago, in 1891.

Today, Baker offers a wide range of products, from classic to modern. Collections by Joaques García, Barbara Barry, and Thomas Pheasant are examples of the ongoing collaboration with internationally renowned contemporary designers.

Baker’s catalog features a wide variety of furniture with styles and international influences. Whether it’s a reproduction of the best or an original design by a famous designer, each item contributes to Baker’s unique sensibility.

The company divides its extensive product catalog into 4 categories: Home Day Furniture, Home Night Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, and Office Furniture.

Baker High-End Collections

Three of the most outstanding collections from the brand are Milling Road Originals, Kara Mann, and Darryl. All three are created by designers Kara Mann and Darryl Carter. These collections seek harmony and delight while adding freshness with a dash of boldness.

Our Milling Road Originals collection offers new dynamic ways to appreciate and enjoy classic, versatile design. Timeless designs are infused with new silhouettes and updated materials.

The latest and most recent collection from Baker is Baker Luxe, focusing on luxury with a forward-thinking style towards 1970s modernism. The furniture features unique jewel-like silhouettes. The collection represents a ready-to-wear approach to attainable luxury.

Baker’s differentiating value lies in its dedication to selecting each product it sells. Baker Furniture continues to source unique materials for every item it designs. To this day, a senior executive is primarily responsible for selecting wood from boutique factories around the world.

The resulting furniture from Baker not only has a dramatic presence but also blurs the line between art and industry.

Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of Baker.

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