Bosch: High-end European appliances.

Bosch is the number 1 brand for major appliances in Europe. For generations, Bosch appliances have made our lives a little easier. They do part of our work. They give us more time and improve our quality of life.

Currently, Bosch concentrates its appliances in 12 categories:

Bosch appliances for kitchens

For the kitchen: Ovens with perfect cooking results at the touch of a button.Cooktops that seamlessly integrate into your kitchen.Extractor hoods for a designer kitchen..Their multifunction steam ovens are the healthiest option for preparing food.Microwaves, the solution for the busy gourmet. Highly recommended for your kitchen, Bosch warming drawers.

Dishwashers: freestanding dishwashers. Integrated dishwashers, discretion and design for your kitchen. Compact dishwashers, the solution for those with limited space.

Refrigerators and freezers: Combi refrigerators: the best place for fresh food. With a NoFrost freezer, you forget about defrosting forever. American-style refrigerators with exceptional design and the ability to store large quantities of food. Single-door refrigerators: double the capacity, double the advantages. VarioStyle, your colorful combi refrigerator.

Coffee makers: super-automatic coffee makers, which take care of the entire brewing process from grinding. Drip coffee makers, which make coffee as it has always been made. Coffee makers with grinder, with a capacity of 75 grams of ground coffee.TASSIMO multi-beverage machines: to enjoy coffee and other beverages in different ways.Breakfast appliances: Coffee makers, toasters, electric kettles, and the grill.Kitchen robots and processors: for every specialty. OptiMUM is the perfect kitchen robot with automatic programs and integrated scale, and the MUM models will be your favorites for their colors and variety of accessories.Food preparation appliances: Hand mixers, blenders, juicers and juice extractors, pastry blenders, and food processors.

Bosch Home Appliances

Washing machines and dryers: equipped with practical features such as intelligent detergent and fabric softener dosing, or the possibility of being controlled from your mobile device.


Irons and ironing systems: for tackling even the toughest wrinkles.Vacuum cleaners: enjoy Bosch’s bagless vacuum cleaner, which requires minimal maintenance, or the freedom of cordless vacuuming with the best accessories always available.Smart home gardens: This is a new concept of home gardening where you can have your own herbs or edible flowers all year round.Currently, Bosch takes our responsibility towards the environment seriously and manufactures appliances by utilizing resources as efficiently as possible. Bosch appliances consistently achieve exceptional results in independent product tests. By choosing a Bosch appliance, you are opting for quality, technical perfection, and absolute reliability with complete peace of mind.Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of Bosch appliances.

Bosch, Gunni & Trentino

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