Casalgrande Padana: Luxury porcelain tiles

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Casalgrande Padana, high-quality porcelain tiles

Casalgrande Padana has been manufacturing state-of-the-art ceramic tiles for 60 years: innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for creating coverings, floors, and cladding capable of meeting any creative and technological requirement in the world of architecture and design.

Their luxury porcelain tiles allow us to decorate our spaces both indoors and outdoors, creating interior design projects with great visual appeal and impeccable design.

High-quality designer tiles

Casalgrande Padana works with large-format porcelain tiles, allowing us to create minimalist and striking compositions, achieving a luxurious finish thanks to its designer pieces.

The Italian firm also stands out for its microcements and high-end monochrome pieces, offering unmatched resistance and design.

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