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Catellani & Smith: Art and Craftsmanship

Catellani & Smith is the epitome of luxury craftsmanship, an international design lighting firm born from the legendary encounter between blacksmith Enzo Catellani and Logan Smith, which over the years has evolved with the most advanced technology.

Catellani & Smith also creates custom-designed lamps for different rooms and moments in the home, but also specializes in producing special works for museums, art galleries, churches, theaters, or events. In this case too, Enzo Catellani manages to illuminate and enhance any situation with character and an unmistakable style.

The lamps of this brand stand out for the use of materials such as fiberglass and high-quality metallic finishes. The exclusive design of each piece is so remarkable that the brand takes care of the packaging as an integral part of the artistic process of creating its lamps.

“When I create a new lamp, I always start with the prototype: my laboratory is a space where I continuously accumulate materials, components, and various objects; it is there where everything is born: I assemble, solder, fold, and shape. I need to feel the materials, see how they play with light.

In this first phase, there is no real project: the idea must immediately take shape and become an object; only then do I move on to the actual project phase: feasibility, technical characteristics, etc. It is the idea of light and the desire to narrate that guides my work. I believe that this process is perceived in Catellani & Smith products. An important part of my work consists of pieces that require great artisanal elaboration: the craftsman’s hand that builds them creates the imperfections that make the object unique.” Enzo Catellani.

Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of Catellani & Smith.

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