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  • DURAVIT Colections
  • DURAVIT Colections

Duravit is a bathroom furniture brand created by internationally renowned designers. The products from the brand feature innovative shapes and bold colors. Duravit has pioneered innovative sanitary trends that are now standard.

Duravit Collections


Duravit offers many possibilities to equip the bathroom in a customized way. From the washbasin, mirror, lighting, shelves, accessories to the faucets. Duravit products combine perfectly with each other. The corresponding furniture creates space to store utensils. Different finishes such as decorated, lacquered, or authentic wood veneer add even more individuality to the bathroom.


Innovative materials, such as DuraSolid, offer a non-slip surface with a pleasant feel and are extremely durable. Duravit offers a wide selection of shower trays to choose from. Floor-level shower trays in combination with the OpenSpace shower enclosure create additional space. Another very practical accessory is, for example, the shower stool. Additionally, there is a wide selection of different faucets for the shower, multifunctional fixed showers, and complete shower systems.


The ceramic glaze HygieneGlaze provides the highest standard of hygiene, and the SensoWash® Slim or SensoWash® washing seats promise pure comfort. Toilets with Rimless technology also provide an optimal result in the interrelation between washing performance and reduced water consumption. * “toleshing”: compound word by ·Toilet using and “Washing” and includes the use of toilets, urinals, bidets, and SensoWash® washing seats.


Duravit not only offers bathtubs with beautiful shapes but also functionally studied details for maximum benefit. Different optional whirlpool systems with various massage functions as well as a sound system bring wellness to the home itself. Functional and beautiful faucets in shape, as well as corresponding accessories, complement the bathroom to the last detail.

Duravit: a Leader in Its Sector

Duravit is a leading and innovative company in the sanitary furniture sector, which has managed to transform the sterile sanitary cell into a space for the senses. Initially focusing solely on sanitary ceramics, and later expanding into bathroom furniture, accessories, bathtubs, and wellness ideas: all brought to life by Duravit.

Duravit has undergone a progressive transformation, evolving from a family business to a large international company that, despite its expansion, remains true to its headquarters in Hornberg.

Furthermore, professional and cordial customer service accompanies Duravit products throughout their journey to your bathroom, and even then, it does not leave you alone. The combination of all these attributes defines the Duravit brand identity and enables its customers to enjoy its products.

Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of Duravit.

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