Ferrero Legno: Design doors for your home

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Ferrero Legno, Design doors for your home

Ferrero Legno is a leading brand in Italian design doors, offering all kinds of solutions for interior enclosures.

From sliding doors to hinged doors, this company presents many possibilities and finishes, innovating in techniques and materials used.

Creativity and functionality for your doors.

Their collections embrace creativity and functionality, resulting in various door models that can be invisible, hinged, sliding, frameless, modular with glass or wooden panels, or many other options of elegant lightness, designed to connect and unify any type of space.

Among their most well-known finishes, the most commonly used ones include polyester lacquer, textured trame, pantographing, double glass system, total edge banding, and the sylent system, ensuring that every detail meets the requirements and tastes of the customer, creating doors with a personal style.

GUNNI&TRENTINO is an official distributor of Ferrero Legno.

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