Fiam Italia: Home furniture of design

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Fiam Italia, design furniture for your home

Fiam Italia is a design firm specializing in home and office furniture. In their compositions, you’ll find a wide range of products including tables, chairs, shelves, mirrors, accessories, and even lamps, all sharing a common characteristic that defines the style of this brand: the use of curved glass as the basis of their designs.

Designer home furniture

That’s why Fiam Italia becomes the first manufacturer to introduce this material into the furniture industry, which until then had only been used for small ornaments and accessories.

Their passion for glass has led them to seek new techniques to develop their collections, combining traditional processes with the latest technologies, allowing them to create highly durable elements with unique shapes that highlight the beauty of transparency.

A blend of tradition and technology

Among their most well-known furniture pieces, the ‘Hydra’ coffee table by Massimo Morozzi and the ‘Illusion’ table created by Philippe Starck stand out. Along with other products, they have been awarded and recognized internationally.

GUNNI&TRENTINO is the official distributor of Fiam Italia.

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