Forma 5: Designer furniture for offices

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  • Forma 5 Collections

Forma 5, luxury furniture for offices

Forma 5 is a design firm specialized in office furniture and public spaces, offering solutions to enhance any environment by adapting their pieces to the space’s needs.

With extensive experience in the sector, the company is known for the high quality of its furniture and the technological innovation present in its production processes, with a strong emphasis on aesthetics and ergonomics

Decorate your office with high-end furniture.

Therefore, Forma 5 has a highly qualified team, specialized in 4 different sectors: lacquered furniture, laminated furniture, metal furniture, and seating. As a result, they produce design pieces of great functional value, always striving for innovation and quality.

This company is constantly evolving to further improve the comfort and efficiency of its products, meeting the demands of consumers perfectly. It is also worth highlighting the commitment of this company to sustainability, meeting all environmental management requirements.

Gunni&Trentino is an official distributor of Forma 5.

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