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Discover our finest selection of designer lamps.

Foscarini is an innovative Italian lighting company with timeless design. With 60 models, over 20 materials, and more than 30 designers, they offer a solid collection of designer lamps for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Foscarini’s products are manufactured by specialized suppliers using specific technologies for each design. The company has always focused on the product, making it the center of attention, and this project-oriented culture is the driving force behind its decisions.

Their collaborations with international designers, including well-known names and promising talents, showcase their ability to identify and develop winning elements for each project. This approach has allowed Foscarini to establish itself as a dynamic, ingenious, and creative force in the lighting design landscape, earning numerous awards, including the Compasso d’Oro for designs like Mite and Tite by Marc Sadler, which pushed the boundaries of research and experimentation in materials and production technology.

Foscarini has consistently explored the theme of customizing space, emphasizing the possibilities of combining various models and how they can be used in arrangements

Lamps with different personalities can transform a space.

Through a series of exhibitions, also aimed at consolidating the brand on the international scene, Foscarini invariably offers different ways to interpret the collection, declaring its eclectic nature through luminous ensembles that lead to a very strong emotional impact. This is evident in the traveling exhibition “Fiber Evolution”, in collaboration with Marc Sadler, which in 2008 was showcased in the six most important design capitals in Europe and the United States. This was followed, in 2009, by a series of events featuring Tropico, a project developed in collaboration with Giulio Lacchetti; in 2010, the installation of the “Foscarini Evolution” event in Frankfurt emphasized the collection of techniques and interpretation of materials.

Gunni & Trentino is the official distributor of Foscarini.

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