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  • Gaggenau Familias

High-end kitchen appliances by Gaggenau.

One of the leading brands in kitchen appliances. Synonymous with quality, rigor, and technical perfection typical of “made in Germany,” Gaggenau is a century-old company that has positioned itself at the forefront of innovation.

All Gaggenau design products are a benchmark of quality and sophistication. Extraction systems, steam ovens, conventional ovens, combination ovens, Teppan Yaki, fryers, electric grills, cast iron griddles, telescopic and countertop extractors, in short, a wide variety of cooking appliances, smoke extraction, ventilation, and kitchen lighting that allow customers to choose among the best alternatives for today’s kitchen.

Especially noteworthy are the cooking appliances from the Vario 400 series, which combine advanced professional technology for domestic kitchens.

High-end Gaggenau Appliances Highlights

The Gaggenau Vario Cooling refrigerator-freezer is another example of technological excellence and innovation applied to the kitchen. The Series 200 brings the most cutting-edge professional technology to the domestic kitchen without compromises. The glass doors and the compact LCD function display with its intuitive menu determine the aesthetics of all appliances.

En esta serie hornos convencionales y hornos combinados con vapor se complementan estética y tecnológicamente con módulos calientaplatos, hornos-microondas y cafeteras automáticas. 

The Series 400 extraction appliances from Gaggenau stand out for their different designs that allow focusing on the essentials in the kitchen: achieving spectacular dishes. Their silent efficiency and high technology are combined with sculptural design.

Moreover, thanks to the variety of models, Gaggenau offers extraction suitable for practically every environment. With its cutting-edge technology, aesthetic perfection, and high-quality materials, the Series 400 extraction appliances are a clear example of Gaggenau’s identity: quality design, tradition, and excellence.

The new Series 400 ovens offer perfect solutions to meet various cooking habits and personal tastes. It includes conventional ovens, combination steam ovens, microwave ovens, automatic coffee machines, and warming drawers made exclusively with select materials such as stainless steel and glass. The appliances, 76 or 60 cm wide, have steel fronts behind glass.

The doors can be opened up to an angle of 180 degrees. Each appliance is designed in such a way that, even when combined with others, it still retains its individuality. The series offers many alternatives such as combining three appliances in a column or, in the case of 45 cm high appliances, installed in a line. The display can be installed at the top or bottom of the appliance according to personal preference.

All appliances in the new series are operated with the same control system and equipped with a TFT touchscreen function display. The main functions are controlled by two rotary knobs and always appear on the TFT screen for continuous monitoring.

Special functions can be activated through the touch-sensitive fields of the display and are only shown when necessary. All this allows for comfortable operation of all oven functions. For example, the temperature probe allows for cooking meats and fish to perfection.

The rotisserie ensures that poultry, roasts, and lamb legs are golden and crispy on all sides. As an accessory, the pizza stone can also be purchased, which makes pizza or bread as if baked in a real stone oven. Thanks to pyrolysis, self-cleaning achieves the removal of even the most stubborn dirt.

The display ensures, not only in the ovens but also in the other appliances of the series, comfortable operation of the functions. For example, it allows you to choose in the combination steam oven the desired combination of humidity and hot air with which, in addition to cooking with and without steam, you can also bake cakes, stew, regenerate, extract juice, and even ferment.

Gaggenau is constantly researching to improve its products, which are at the forefront of kitchen appliances.

Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of Gaggenau.

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