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  • Inkiostro Bianco Collections

Inkiostro Bianco, designer wallpapers

Inkiostro Bianco brings forth the ‘Wallpaper Revolution.’ Born from the collaboration of a diverse group of artists, graphic designers, and creators, this brand breathes new life into a staple element of 20th-century décor. They offer a modern twist on this age-old technique, providing a unique touch to our spaces, one that endures.

The collections from this house, gathered within an extensive catalog of multiple graphic designs, are categorized by the year of creation and encompass a multithematic series of styles and dynamism added to each commercial proposal. Prints are crafted on vinyl support, a fiberglass ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and floors, or even on canvas, the primary fabric used in traditional art, allowing for temporary installations.

Original and innovative wallpapers

From the collaboration with Listone Giordano comes the innovative collection of laser-engraved parquet, aimed at opening a multisensory dimension even in the field of flooring. In this specific case as well, Inkiostro Bianco leads in experimentation and collaboration with Italian companies to find new expressive supports designed to enhance the personality and attitude of every customer interacting with the products offered.

GUNNI&TRENTINO is an official distributor of Inkiostro Bianco

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