JL Coquet: Designer porcelain for your home

JL Coquet, specialists in designer porcelain

J.L. Coquet and Jaune de J.L. Chrome create and produce some of the finest porcelain in the world, combining original design, subtle shapes, and product quality. With exceptional savoir-faire and a manufacturing process dating back to 1824, they offer only porcelain made and decorated in Haute-Vienne. manufacturado desde 1824 para proponer únicamente porcelana realizada y decorada en Haute-Vienne.

Luxury Artisan Porcelain

This company was awarded the Living Heritage Company label (“Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”) in 2010. This award is issued by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance, and Industry in recognition of French companies demonstrating industrial and traditional excellence, “savoir-faire.” They also hold the official geographical label “Porcelaine de Limoges” as all their products come from manufacturing in Saint-Leonard-de-Noblat.

J.L Coquet porcelain is the beautiful result of the encounter between water and earth, with a touch of human craftsmanship. What has distinguished J.L Coquet for so many years is the whiteness of its porcelain, recognized by all as one of the most translucent and delicate in the world. Producing a piece of porcelain like this could involve over twenty interventions that combine advanced techniques and knowledge.

Tableware with gold and silver inlays

Thanks to a unique engraving technique, the inlays of gold, platinum, or other precious metals enhance the decorations of their products while ensuring their irreversibility. This technique gives colors and patterns a unique relief to enhance each of their pieces.

Rich in this experience recognized by the world’s top chefs, JlCoquete porcelain represents the art of French living and contributes to the influence of “made in France” craftsmanship worldwide.

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