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Kos, specialists in luxury bathroom fixtures and furniture

The collections of sanitary ware and bathroom furniture from Kos are among the most innovative on the market. The Kos company began its activity in 1998 as a manufacturer of whirlpool bathtubs and multifunction shower cabins.

Great successes of Kos

The most famous series of the brand are Morphing, Faraway, and Geo, among others. Standalone bathtubs, modern bathtubs with legs, whirlpool bathtubs, multifunctional shower cabins, sinks, toilets, and bidets with innovative designs stand out.

Bathtubs in Cristalplant, co-extruded, acrylic, and other materials, take center stage in the space dedicated to bathroom and well-being. Also, multifunctional shower cabins like the Attollo, Kosmic, Loop, Avec Toi, or Avec Moi models, and multifunctional shower columns in acrylic or tempered glass, such as the Water Wall model, incorporate the latest technologies applied to the bathroom.

At the same time, round, square, or rectangular shower trays made of Cristalplant, acrylic, and other materials that modernize bathroom design, complete a unique and recognizable concept.

Since 2001, the brand has combined its technical excellence in the bathroom and SPA sector with the design and experience of Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. They design the entire collection of products for the company and also oversee the artistic direction.

In 2007, Kos joined the Zucchetti group: two outstanding brands in the international design landscape for the bathroom space. A novel philosophy aimed at developing well-being in the bathroom.

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