Lapalma: High-end designer furniture

  • lapalma Colections
  • lapalma Colections

Lapalma: Iconic pieces for your home

In a balance between craftsmanship and industry, Lapalma is characterized by the design of quality furniture. Chairs, armchairs, lounges, seating, sofas, stools, tables… are the result of continuous research aimed at generating true innovative solutions that dialogue with each other.

The Italian character of each product is easily recognizable, as all Lapalma designers breathe that Italian design air which is the hallmark of this leading form in the luxury interior design sector.

Italian Design Furniture

The artisanal tradition of crafting wood and metal is a foundation of Lapalma’s offerings, all characterized by meticulous attention to detail. This is coupled with efficient production, fueled by cutting-edge machinery that pursues consistently innovative solutions while remaining environmentally conscious.

GUNNI&TRENTINO is Lapalma’s official distributor.

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