Lapitec: Large-format ecological slabs and cladding

  • Lapitec Familias
  • Lapitec Familias

Lapitec sustainable flooring and cladding

Lapitec is an Italian company that manufactures and distributes a sustainable, high-performance material for flooring and cladding in interior design and architecture projects. Lapitec is one of the most interesting case studies in the world of design in recent years, especially considering that the first slab of the material was introduced to the market in 2012, just eight years ago.

The success of the product is based on a combination of features that perfectly respond to market trends, as well as an evident focus on sustainability, both in the raw materials used and in the stages of the production process.

Lapitec is a blend of 100% natural minerals, which when baked at high temperatures produce “full-body” slabs: the exterior and interior are identical, without glaze or digital printing on the surface. This characteristic allows Lapitec to be machined throughout its thickness while ensuring a uniform appearance and performance and avoiding the use of resins, inks, and other petroleum derivatives.

Lapitec slabs, 3365 mm in length, are available in 3 collections, 17 colors, and 7 different surface textures, and can also be customized. They are used not only as surface cladding for interiors and exteriors but also for roofs, yachts, pools, and product design, from tables to consoles, and from bathrooms to kitchens, where the total absence of surface porosity makes Lapitec ideal in terms of hygiene and ease of maintenance.

In recent years, Lapitec slabs have been used for public buildings, residential complexes, infrastructure, places of worship, and marine applications, but also for creating, in collaboration with other design brands, kitchens, outdoor furniture, tables, and cutting-edge technologies.


Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of Lapitec.

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