Lea Ceramiche: Ceramic Tiles and Design Coverings

  • Lea Ceramiche Colections
  • Lea Ceramiche Colections

Lea Ceramiche: Design Ceramics

Lea Ceramiche is a Swiss brand symbolizing precision, quality, and sustainability with elegant and sophisticated design. Its products stand out for combining high-quality design and functionality, creating ceramic coverings ideal for your spaces.

To the artisanal factor, which continues to be part of the products, intellectual work is added. Its collaborations with top-level designers and architects are famous, generating iconic pieces in the area of design coverings.

Innovative ceramics and coverings

Lea Ceramiche offers a variety of ceramic and covering solutions that include different finishes (wood, stone, porcelain, etc.) as well as different shapes and colors.

Gunni&Trentino is the official distributor of Lea Ceramiche.

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