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Leading brand in the manufacturing of appliances: refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ovens, extractor hoods, cooktops, and washing machines, among others. Neff appliances are also at the forefront in terms of energy efficiency and water consumption.

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With one of the finest cooking technologies, Neff offers a revamped range of ovens that suit any kitchen, featuring a wide array of steam cooking options and an elegant aesthetic. All Neff design products boast impeccable quality. Total induction and FlexInduction facilitate cooking without limitations. The AirDeLuxe range of extraction hoods represents a flawless blend of ergonomics, functionality, and modern design for the kitchen. Neff’s integrated refrigerators, dishwashers with the TimeLight system, and enhanced efficiency exemplify the extensive range of cutting-edge kitchen appliances.

Sustainability is a pivotal criterion for this brand. Neff appliances are highly efficient in reducing energy consumption, a cornerstone of the strategy of this German appliance brand with over 135 years of experience in kitchen product manufacturing.

The entire Neff oven range carries the best energy rating, consuming 20% less than Class A, thanks to its CircoTherm heating system, exclusive to Neff, which enables cooking any dish at 160°C and up to three dishes simultaneously, resulting in significant time and energy savings, with perfect cooking results.

The energy efficiency of NEFF appliances

The A++ Energy Efficiency Class of NEFF integrated refrigerators and freezers allows for over 40% reduction in energy consumption compared to the current Class A. The latest energy-saving features make the new NEFF integrated cooling appliances the most efficient in their category. With NEFF dishwashers, you can save more energy than ever before thanks to Zeolites®, minerals that achieve a minimal consumption of just 0.63 kWh per cycle. With only 6 liters of water, the best results are achieved in terms of dishwashing and efficiency, reaching the A+++ -10% category. Furthermore, thanks to the bi-thermal system, which combines cold water with hot water depending on the external energy source, even more energy and time can be saved.

The energy efficiency class measures the level of consumption in kWh on a scale from A to G, with A indicating maximum efficiency (more environmentally friendly) and G indicating the least efficient (less eco-friendly).

NEFF integrated washing machines consume 10% less than Class A energy efficiency. This results in savings on the electricity bill and better care for the environment. The NEFF washing machine with bi-thermal input allows for a connection with dual water inlet; one for cold water and one for hot water. This feature reduces energy consumption, especially in programs with high washing temperatures. When used with bi-thermal input, we achieve a thermal efficiency of 20%, meaning energy consumption is 20% lower than if it only had a cold water inlet. NEFF washing machines have the best energy labeling and a large load capacity: 7 kilograms of laundry and 55 liters of volume. With more space inside, laundry doesn’t clump together, reducing the formation of wrinkles and making it easier to remove dirt and soap residues.

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