Paola Lenti

  • Paola Lenti Colections
  • Paola Lenti Colections

Infuse your outdoor furniture with vibrant colors with Paola Lenti.

Paola Lenti is an Italian brand of enormous international prestige in the design and production of outdoor furniture, textiles, rugs, and shade structures. The company also offers a significant catalog of indoor furniture collections.

Thanks to its distinctive research effort in innovative outdoor materials, this brand has become a reference in outdoor furniture.

Among the many Paola Lenti design product collections, Acqua, Afra, Ami, Float, Nido, Sabi, Sand, or Wave stand out as favorites of interior designers and individuals when designing modern garden environments.

The variety of colors in furniture, rugs, poufs, armchairs, loungers, and modular sofas is spectacular. Their innovative shade structures, pergolas, and umbrellas allow for creating outdoor environments with tremendous freedom.

Another characteristic is their continuous quest for improving technical materials and their durability.

Paola Lenti is recognized worldwide for the highly innovative imprint that the company has given to its fabrics and its high-end contemporary products, marked by timeless design, aimed at balancing utility and beauty, functionality, and aesthetics.

The study of characteristics, thread performance, and experimentation with different materials have allowed the company to develop over the years a wide range of high-tech fabrics for outdoor use.

More recently, they have also worked on materials for the interior: exclusive upholstery textiles that represent a unique proposition due to the raw material, as well as a wide range of colors.

Paola Lenti products are characterized by essential forms and attention to detail; they are the result of modern technological processes combined with ancient traditional techniques, making them versatile objects that offer a high level of customization.

GUNNI&TRENTINO is an official distributor of Paola Lenti.

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