Ritmonio: Designer taps for bathrooms and kitchens.

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Ritmonio 'Bath & Shower'

Ritmonio is an Italian firm that manufactures and designs accessories and taps for the bathroom through its ‘Bath & Shower’ division. Ritmonio taps are designed and manufactured to ensure high comfort and reduce water consumption. That’s why they have ISO 14001 environmental certification. In this way, they manage to combine craftsmanship, aesthetic research, and manufacturing skills, achieving designer taps for bathrooms that meet functional needs while being environmentally sustainable.

Ritmonio Taps: Sustainable Finishes

In addition to the finishes already present in the current range, the Ritmonio finish selection consists of six new colors: shiny, brushed, and satin rose gold; brushed dark bronze; satin black chrome; and satin champagne.

With sixteen available finishes obtained through special processes in new, environmentally friendly, and technologically advanced low-impact systems, they add a differential value to the Glitter, Pois, Haptic, Taormina, Reverso, and Diameter35 tap series, giving rise to countless possible configurations.

Ritmonio Accessories: Elementa

In order to enhance compositional freedom and meet the diverse needs of interior design, the company introduces ELEMENTA, a new collection of accessories designed to provide everyone with the opportunity to shape “made-to-measure” environments and create new ways to beautify living spaces.

Available in 19 finishes and various materials, including stainless steel with its purity and acrylic stone with its versatility, the accessories consist of modules of various sizes and lengths, which can be assembled according to your tastes or based on functional aesthetic needs. This allows for the creation of original and personalized combinations: from the classic shelf for objects to specific elements such as soap dispensers and toothbrush holders, for a bathroom that embodies the concept of customization.

This versatility enhances eclecticism and tailoring, a common feature throughout the Company’s offerings: combinable with all Ritmonio tap series, both in finish and design, ELEMENTA brings to life countless scenarios and possible configurations.

Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of Ritmonio.

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