Serralunga: Design furniture for the garden and outdoor spaces.

In the exciting world of outdoor design, Serralunga stands out as the brand that masterfully blends functionality with aesthetics in every corner of outdoor space.

Serralunga: Elevating Art Outdoors with Garden and Outdoor Design Furniture

Serralunga is a design brand and manufacturer of garden and outdoor furniture. This Italian company specializes in producing products made in the city of Biella. In the street of this city, also called Biella, more than 1,200 tons of plastic are produced annually, with a total of about 200,000 pieces of garden furniture produced by this design company.

What products does Serralunga design?

Among the products designed and produced by Serralunga, you can find outdoor lighting pieces, illuminated planters, outdoor planters, designer sofas, and urban furniture, distributed across two collections: one named “Design,” which includes all garden furniture, and the other called “Serralunga,” encompassing more classic outdoor and garden furniture.

The company is globally recognized for its outdoor lighting products.

Serralunga’s secret formula lies in being led by three designers with different styles yet sharing the same passion for technology and research within the design world. Each product from this brand carries a personal touch.

GUNNI&TRENTINO is an official distributor of Serralunga. If you need advice, don’t hesitate to contact our interior design specialists. In our online catalog, you will find everything you need for your outdoor spaces.

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