Solar Spaces By Gunni & Trentino: Bioclimatic pavilions and pergolas.

Merging exquisite design with an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Solar Spaces By Gunni & Trentino: Redefining outdoor living with elegance and sustainability.

Solar Spaces By Gunni & Trentino is a collection of outdoor bioclimatic pavilions and pergolas manufactured exclusively upon request from Gunni & Trentino’s clients.

This innovative product operates using GPS technology, automatically adjusting its configuration based on atmospheric conditions. Equipped with presence, light, wind, and rain sensors, the pergola’s slats move to optimize their orientation.

Available in a variety of finishes, these pergolas are bespoke-designed to meet each client’s needs. Our designs cater to private residential spaces as well as contract projects such as hotels and restaurants.

Features of Solar Spaces By Gunni & Trentino bioclimatic pergolas:
This new concept of pergolas offers several unique features:
– GPS functionality.
– Automatic slats adjustment.
– LED ambient lighting.
– Bluetooth sound system.
– Screens, controllable via an app.
– LED starry sky.
– USB and HDMI charging points.
– Heating system.

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