Technogym: High-end training equipment

Technogym, excellence in the fitness world, where innovation merges with superior performance.

Technogym: Elevate your performance with high-end training equipment.

Technogym is a brand that offers innovative training equipment. Within the world of interior design, this brand provides solutions for creating Wellness areas in homes, hotels, spas, and other residential projects.

Technogym product catalogue

Technogym Cardio

The Technogym treadmills integrate the most advanced technology with sophisticated design, providing high-level exercise with continuous learning and entertainment. Technogym stationary bikes offer various modalities and are designed to meet the highest demands of each type of user. The Technogym range of elliptical machines has been optimized with innovative smart design to enhance performance. Technogym rowing machines are designed with the most advanced technologies, combining innovative and transformative solutions to take your training to new levels. Technogym climbers will help you stay in top shape whether you are training to enhance muscle strength.

Technogym Strength

Con los selectorizados Technogym gracias a su diseño modular, podrás enfocarte en la zona que desees entrenar:

  • Equipos de carga las máquinas de remo Technogym están diseñadas con las tecnologías más avanzadas, combinando soluciones innovadoras y transformadoras para impulsar tu entrenamiento hacia nuevos niveles.
  • Entrenamiento del tren superior Technogym garantiza un entrenamiento cómodo y eficaz en todos los niveles, gracias a las empuñaduras de altura regulable y los brazos telescópicos.
  • Equipos con carga de discos Technogym para un entrenamiento muscular avanzado, ofrecen unos niveles incomparables de seguridad y confort.
  • Multigimnasios Technogym: Los equipos de gimnasio multifunción y las cable stations componen la variedad de nuestra gama de fuerza; aunque, en un cierto sentido, también engloban los beneficios de nuestros productos de estiramiento.
  • Estaciones multifunción Technogym: para empresas, uso personal, entrenadores y otros tipos de destinatarios,todos creados por expertos para satisfacer cualquier necesidad de entrenamiento.
  • Banco de pesas y musculación Technogym: complementan perfectamente la selección de pesas libres y mancuernas. Y, si estás montando un gimnasio de cero, son ideales para complementar tus accesorios de fitness.

With Technogym selectorized equipment, thanks to its modular design, you can focus on the area you want to train:

  • Load machines: Technogym rowing machines are designed with the most advanced technologies, combining innovative and transformative solutions to take your training to new levels.
  • Upper body training: Technogym ensures comfortable and effective training at all levels, thanks to adjustable height grips and telescopic arms.
  • Equipment with disc load: Technogym equipment for advanced muscle training offers unparalleled levels of safety and comfort.
  • Multigyms: Technogym’s multifunctional gym equipment and cable stations make up the variety of our strength range; although, in a certain sense, they also encompass the benefits of our stretching products.
  • Multifunction stations: for companies, personal use, trainers, and other types of users, all expertly created to meet any training need.
  • Weight benches and strength training: Technogym weight benches complement the selection of free weights and dumbbells perfectly. And, if you’re setting up a gym from scratch, they’re ideal for complementing your fitness accessories.

Technogym Personal Training

In this collection, you can find functional training equipment (available in different forms to encourage optimized training), training accessories, and stretching machines.

Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of Technogym.


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