Treca: Luxury Design Bedrooms

Treca: Luxury design bedrooms that blend refined aesthetics with supreme comfort.

Treca: Luxury Furniture for Your Home

A haute couture craftsmanship and elegant indulgence come together to make nights the most wonderful day after day. Unique collections of beds and mattresses cater to the personal needs and demands of unique clients.

For over 80 years, Tréca has pampered each of its customers with a “tailor-made” product, making each and every one of them feel privileged.

The excellence of quality sleep

At Tréca, nothing is left to chance, working with noble materials of the highest quality: Mohair Wool, Natural Silk, Horsehair, or Camel Wool. Precious fabrics hand-sewn, custom embroidery: All dimensions and forms of rest are possible with Tréca Paris.

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