Tubes: Design radiators for the home

Tubes radiators: the fusion of functionality and design, offering a unique heating experience for the home.

Tubes: Innovation that Radiates Warmth and Style in Your Home with Design Radiators

Tubes is an Italian brand of design radiators and towel warmers that, since its appearance on the market, has been characterized by offering a different approach to devices designed to keep us warm during the winter.

Until then, radiators and other heating devices were perceived as purely functional objects that needed to be hidden. Tubes has perceived this deficiency by working on the aesthetics of these products without forgetting their functionality. Thanks to Tubes, radiators have become aesthetically prioritized elements in defining spaces in interior design projects.

Collections of Tubes Radiators

Elements Collection: Under the artistic direction of Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, this collection creates a new conception of the radiator, turning it into a design icon. In this way, these devices became integrated elements within the architectural structure. The crucial feature of this collection is the possibility of placing the valves up to 6 meters away from the heating body; thanks to the elimination of the technical detail (valve and lockshield).

Plug&Play Collection: Which includes Origami, a heating object that allows you to separate spaces and provide intimate privacy at any time and place, both private and public; Scaletta, which easily adapts to various environments, becoming a source of heat or a piece of furniture depending on the latitude and seasons of the year; Square Bench, a radiator that, thanks to its bench-like shape, can become a support plan, ideal for both an apartment and a spa; Milano Free-standing, a sculptural object that heats up, marking any place and giving it uniqueness.

Basics Collection: Its lines are dominated by the tubular element, leading to traditional schemes, but with an innovative approach under the conceptual, aesthetic, and formal aspects.

Extras Collection: Represents the evolution of Basics as a desire to break with traditional schemes to give the radiator the personality of a decorative accessory. The lines of the Extras collection are the result of a design intervention as a further search in the formal plane, crossing boundaries even in the playful aspect.

Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of Tubes radiators.

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