Verpan: Cutting-edge designer furniture.

Verpan’s designer furniture: the perfect fusion of innovation and functionality.

Verpan: High-end designer furniture.

Verpan is a well-known furniture and lighting company inspired by the works of Verner Panton, one of the greatest visionaries in 20th-century artistic design.

The collections presented by this brand are characterized by a unique and unmistakable style, departing from tradition, allowing for the creation of furniture and lighting pieces with a Nordic character, embracing the canons of modern Scandinavian design.

Nordic and minimalist design furniture

Another highly appreciated feature in their wide range of products is the continuous pursuit of innovation both functionally and aesthetically, aiming to bring movement, light, and color to any space you wish to decorate.

Among their Nordic and minimalist designs, the ‘Welle’ collection stands out, where Verner Panton’s imagination introduces us to different sofa modules, armchairs, and ottomans made from polyurethane foam, featuring organic shapes of great creative value.

Gunni&Trentino is an official distributor of Verpan.

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