Zalto: Designer Crystal Glassware

Zalto Crystal Glasses: an expression of refined design.

Zalto: Crystal glasses with a design touch.

Zalto, the leading international reference in crystal glasses, has positioned itself in Spain as a cult brand among the country’s top sommeliers, hoteliers, catering services, and high-end restaurants, aiming to offer an enriching experience for wine lovers.

Crystal glasses for your home’s design aesthetic

The Zalto Denk’Art catalog consists of a total of twelve references, products handcrafted through the process of manual glass blowing. In accordance with tradition and a technique based on perfection, Zalto House glasses are elaborated one by one by the most highly qualified glass blowers. Among the selected raw materials for the manufacture of each glass, lead-free crystal stands out, a material that gives the piece longevity and great resistance to cloudiness.

As a result of such methodology, a balanced and extraordinarily thin glass is obtained, which in its fineness reflects the elegance, virtuosity, and delicacy of the great Venetian glass artists of the Renaissance. These are glasses with a carefully crafted history behind their production, dating back to ancient civilizations and their studies based on the movement of the Earth. The curves of the different formats of the glasses’ chalices are inclined at angles of 24º, 48º, and 72º, allowing the wine to reach its maximum potential. This enriches the aromas, nuances, and fruity notes of its flavor.

Handcrafted glass cups

Within the Zalto collection, you can find formats for every occasion and type of wine: glasses like Burgundy, Bordeaux, or Universal, classic glasses for white and sweet wines, elegant ones for champagne, models for digestifs, beer, and water, as well as jugs and decanters of various sizes.

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