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Delightfull: designer lamps for your home

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Delightfull, designer lamps for your home


Delightfull is a design firm specialized in lighting, which presents a wide variety of lamps that have great functional and aesthetic value.

Among its range of products, we find different models of luminaires that have an original and unique design, the result of the reinterpretation of mid-century lighting.

In his creations, we find a return to the classics of the past, reviving the art and aesthetics that existed from the 40s to the 70s, with collections of classic lamps that show the progress of the colors and materials of modern decoration, providing elegance to any interior design project.

Designer lighting for all styles


‘Heritage’ is one of its main collections, where we find a wide selection of designs inspired by Jazz and Soul of the 30s, 40s and 50s.

On the contrary, his other collection ‘Graphic’, reveals a series of modern-style lamps, which are extremely colorful and communicative, presented in the form of letters, numbers and symbols, and which are widely used to decorate pubs and hotels.

GUNNI & TRENTINO is Delightfull’s official distributor.