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Ercuis: Luxury silver tableware

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Ercuis is a French signature of luxury steel tableware, with a timeless style. It is a brand recognized worldwide for always delivering the art of the table.

Since 1867, the manufacturing process of each Ercuis piece has been the same, the engraver sculpts the dies (or molds) of the cutlery or hollow pieces in the steel. To make a piece of cutlery, it is necessary to produce four dies that correspond
to the successive stages of cutlery production. Each piece of steel is cut according to the outline of the cutlery, then the engraving is done by hand. From cutting to finishing, cutlery is completed in seven steps. Some parts require 45 manual operations to acquire their final shape and finish.

Ercuis Silver Tableware:

Ercuis is famous for its silver pieces. To create them, several successive operations are carried out before silvering, so that the silver adheres perfectly to the basic metal. Ercuis has a very high quality silvering of its cutlery. A piece of Ercuis silver after being acquired and having years of use, with successive washing in the dishwasher, will be more beautiful than the first day because silver, like leather, is one of those rare materials that embellishes over time.

Ercuis tableware for contract projects:

The Ercuis company partners with the most famous hotels and restaurants in the world, managing to be present both at tables with stars, in bars or in the suites of large hotels and in their sumptuous reception rooms, in dining rooms for private clients and large corporations; as in temples of excellence where you can assert your know-how and your passion. Ercuis clients are lovers of contemporary luxury.

The Ercuis design office draws, designs and produces pieces tailored to the specific wishes or needs of its clients. Many projects come from very specific requests from the world of gastronomy: table accessories for the Shangri-la hotel in Paris, dessert tableware for the Hôtel de Paris in Monaco or a caviar set for room service at the Royal Monceau Raffles, in Paris.
The Ercuis design team also works at the request of a demanding private clientele eager for exceptional design pieces, especially for the interior, whether for a palace, a yacht or a private plane.

Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of Ercuis