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Ferrero Legno: designer doors for your home

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Ferrero Legno, luxury doors for your home


Ferrero Legno is a leading firm in Italian design doors, which offers all kinds of solutions for interior closings.

From sliding doors to swing doors, there are many possibilities and finishes that this house presents, innovating in the techniques and materials used.

Creativity and functionality for your doors


Its collections are open to creativity and functionality, giving rise to different models of doors, which can be invisible, hinged, sliding, without jambs, modular with glass or wood panels, or many other options of elegant lightness, designed to communicate and join any type of stay.

Among its best known finishes, the most used are the polyester lacquer, the woven texture, the pantographed, the double glass system, the total edging and the sylent system, making every detail respond to the demands and tastes of the client, creating doors of personal style.

GUNNI & TRENTINO is an official distributor of Ferrero Legno.