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Vives Cerámica: high-end porcelain

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Vives Cerámica, design porcelain



VIVES is a benchmark firm in the sector of porcelain flooring, wall tiles and special pieces. Its materials are of the latest generation, making them a perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

They are not only benchmarks in the material used, but in the designs, with pieces that range from the most classic to the most contemporary design, creating avant-garde, elegant and original spaces. The variety is so incredible that you can use them in any project or idea.

A ceramic that covers all styles


In the environmental aspect, VIVES is at the forefront of ceramic and porcelain companies concerned with the preservation of the planet. They have their own environmental policy called EcoVives that lays the foundations for the company to be respectful with the planet.

Gunni & Trentino is the official distributor of Vives Cerámica